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"Elvis" Movie Bracelet

Clothier to The King/Limited Edition

Every once in a generation an artist will come along and completely change and influence a global iconic following. This was such a boy named Elvis Aaron Presley.  Born in a small town in Tupelo Mississippi on January 8th. 1935 and the world was changed forever.  

Although Elvis’s Jewelry taste level in his early career was simple and yet unique with his original TCB ️Lightning Bolt Ring.

As his musical career success began to grow nation and global wide, his taste in jewelry was just as sensational as his presence and musical talent on stage...His Rings, His Bracelets, His Necklaces and even his on stage outfits were all covered in Diamonds and precious stones. Most photos show Elvis’s Bracelets in Gold and Silver loaded with many incredible precious stones.
Here you can see how we made our Limited Edition Elvis Tribute Bracelets and Necklaces.  All made in Stainless Steel Metal and then Electro Gold and Silver Plated, with Beautiful European Glass Stones designed by Bill Lavin.
Exclusively available only at Lansky Bros in Memphis Tenn. These collectible relics are for both men and women who spiritually and musically connect with the King.  
These bracelets come in an awesome custom  gift box that when opened, says in gold print, “Love me Tender”.  So if you’re ever thinking of the Greatest Gift to give someone you Love and Admire…. Now you can say it in one of Elvis’s greatest love songs
Length of Bracelet is 9.5 inches.

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