Sequin Shimmer Jacket- Bronze

Fabulous Furs

If "Fabulous" is the dress code, this fur-trimmed Sequin Shimmer Jacket fills the bill! Anything but ordinary, THESE sequins-- soft and flexible--in muted silvery Bronze tones on fluid panné velvet, are a party all by themselves! Lavishly outlined with ultra-soft CharcoaI Tibetan Lamb on the sleeves and hem, the deep fur border is jagged for heightened drama. Que the equally unexpected Gunmetal zipper closure, outlined with Bronze velvet, and the descriptive "fabulous" becomes an understatement! Balancing this feast of visual excitement is a sleek, contemporary cut. Over a simple cocktail dress, flowy wide-leg pants or skinny jeans, this fabulous, yet amazingly versatile stunner will take you anywhere.

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