Smokey Fox Faux Fur Shawl Collar Coat

Fabulous Furs

Clothes often DO make the man and this Men's Shawl Collar Coat will not disappoint! In bold Smokey Fox, this handsome, nature-inspired fur is a visual feast of color, texture and toning. Rich Charcoal Grey, brightened by generous pale tipping, is further enhanced with a vertical pattern of Dove Grey highlights for a flatteringly vertical silhouette. A generous shawl collar and discretely concealed deep pockets and European hook closures bring balance to this lush, lavish fur. Rock-star worthy and a great neutral that works with everything from Tans to Black, Smokey Fox has a fluid, flowing hand and whisper-soft touch as well. A strong shoulder and perfectly balanced 34" length create a smooth, unbroken vertical line that's both contemporary and flattering. As chic and well-designed as the rest of his wardrobe, the Smokey Fox Shawl Collar Coat ensures his reputation for impeccable taste thrives!

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