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Elvis Presley fans are flocking to Memphis to prepare to honor the 34-year-anniversary of the death of the "King of Rock 'n Roll" Tuesday.

Every year, thousands of people arrive in Memphis from around the world to remember Elvis' death as part of "Elvis Week," which includes a candlelight vigil at the late singer's home, known as Graceland. But while the event doesn't take place until Tuesday, Aug. 16, by Monday morning, lines were already beginning to form.

This year also marks the 55th anniversary of the release of the first two Elvis albums. In just that first year, 1956, Elvis sold 10 million singles and 800,000 LPs.

But Elvis Week began a few days earlier this year with special recognition of the family who gave Elvis his style.

"My dad said, `Elvis would rather shop than eat,' " said Hal Lanksy, son of Bernard Lansky, the 84-year-old "Clothier to The King" who outfitted Elvis during his time in Memphis.

At noon Sunday, three generations of Lanskys -- Bernard, Hal, and Julie -- were recognized for influencing the fashion of "The King" and, in doing so, the fashion of rock-and-roll itself.

Over 200 fans -- some sporting the famous 1970s attire of Elvis -- gathered at 126 Beale, the original location of Lansky Bros. clothing, to see the unveiling of the historical marker. The event also featured local celebrities, such as George Klein and David Porter.

"I remember when (Elvis) first started out and he was singing with country shows," said Klein, 76, friend of Elvis."Guys came out with cowboy uniforms but Elvis came out with a black jacket, pink shirt and pink pants and he just stood out like a sore thumb."

Such fashion choices were a big departure from the 1950s' usual themes, Hal Lansky, 58, noted.

"Nobody wore black and pink ... but it (became) the color of the `50s, and we like to take credit for that," he said. "We like to take credit for Elvis wearing that color."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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