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The Lansky family is tweaking its presence in the Peabody Hotel’s lobby by opening a new store showcasing women’s accessories.

The 800-square-foot shop, called Lansky — the Accessories Shop, features jewelry, scarves, handbags, shoes, hats and trendy gifts. It replaces Lansky’s essentials store near the hotel’s Union Avenue entrance.

Lansky Bros. has had a retail presence in The Peabody Hotel’s lobby since it reopened in 1981. Now, four Lansky-branded stores are operating in the lobby, including Lansky at The Peabody (men’s apparel), Lansky 126 (contemporary boutique for men and women) and Lansky Lucky Duck Gifts.

“We’ve seen growth in our women’s business the last 10 years and we wanted to create something which appealed to a broad range of women,” said Julie Lansky, who co-owns the store with her father, Hal Lansky.

The family has been selling women’s clothes at Lansky 126 for years andexpanded the store in 2006.

Bernard Lansky, Hal’s father and Julie’s grandfather, started Lansky Brothers in 1946 at 126 Beale St. He became famous as “Clothier to the King” for providing high-end men’s fashion to Elvis Presley.

The new store will allow the family to sell a mix of casual and formal accessories instead of newsstand essentials such as the latest issue of the Memphis Business Journal.

“We’re kind of going back to our roots and what we enjoy doing: the latest trends in fashion,” Julie Lansky said. “We’re creating this store because we want to have fun with it.”

The store will be open seven days a week. It will be open until 6 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and until 9 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The family is looking for more than just tourists who lost an earring.

“We made it to where Memphians can come down and shop as well,” Julie Lansky said. “There is not much Downtown in terms of accessories. There are a lot of people living Downtown and they don’t always want to drive to East Memphis to buy a gift or something for themselves.”

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