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Lansky Bros. Clothier to the King Book

Clothier to The King

Lansky Bros., the store with its beginnings on famous Beale Street in Downtown Memphis is proud to announce the release of their first book, “Lansky Brothers: Clothier to the King”. Customers and friends from around the world have been asking the Lansky family for years to see vintage pictures and detailed stories.
The book chronicles nearly seventy years of the history of the Lansky’s business in Downtown Memphis with three generations telling its story. Lansky Brothers started with a humble beginning when brothers, Bernard and Guy, purchased a second-hand store on the corner of Beale and Second Street. The shop’s evolution is shown in detail as the photographs and stories span decades and takes us through quite a few fashion cycles. The Lansky family shares in depth how they became the Clothier to the King and details of their most famous customer, Elvis Presley. The book features never before seen photographs of Elvis in the Lansky store. Lansky Bros. was the store that defined the pink and black colors of the 1950s. And, over the course of the past seven decades has changed fashion directions. Currently, the Lansky presence can be found in the lobby of the famous Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis with four different concept shops and on Beale Street in the original location featuring Clothier to the King styles. 
Licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

**Books will be autographed by Bernard's son, Hal Lansky (2nd Generation).

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