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Hermes: Heavenly Days Hardcover

Lansky Bros.

Hermès: Heavenly Days brings together 300 of artist Alice Charbin’s most delightful drawings in a beautiful package that’s perfect for every elegant coffee table. From Christmas in the North Pole to Paris in the springtime, these treats from the house of Hermès will make readers of all ages smile.

Charbin’s drawings represent the whimsy and style of Hermès and the taste and culture of France itself. For 18 years, she has been inviting people to escape into a whimsical world where the brand’s iconic orange box frequently shapeshifts and appears in the most unlikely of places. 
Hermès: Heavenly Days brings together Charbin’s most delightful drawings from her collaboration with Rachael Canepari and the legendary brand in a beautifully packaged gift book that will make every bookshelf and coffee table more elegant.

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